„When the seagulls are flying high above and spread out their wings, you breathe in the salty air of the harbour inside.
A piece of home, a piece of consistency – something you can come back to, always.
Maybe you will leave the known riverside some day, but the love for your home port will be still inside you. Forever.”



We are Björn and Jessy, both living in the seaport city of Hamburg. We love the taste of salty sea air and the feeling of wind in our hair.

For us photography is a matter of heart and we love to capture emotions and moments in a way that others can feel them, even years later. It’s wonderful to preserve these moments forever so people can experience their feelings again. At weddings hearts beat faster, hands are shaky and emotions are overwhelming. We save all these things with our photos and preserve them for you and future generations, so you can look back on it and tell your story with a smile on your face.

- Jessy & Björn